Tired, old-fashioned kitchens with outdated appliances give little joy to cooks and their families. Redcastle Builders' design & build kitchen remodeling process transforms these spaces into showplaces, maximizing cooking enjoyment and creating pleasant areas for friends and family to gather. While kitchen remodeling can be exciting, it can also be costly, complicated, and time-consuming. We steer our customers through the design & build kitchen remodeling journey from conception, to boots on the ground, to completion.

First, we dive into the customer's kitchen remodeling vision, discuss the budget, and design options. Next, we sign a pre-construction agreement to perform the due diligence to identify all costs associated with the customer's project. When the kitchen remodeling customer signs our construction agreement, Redcastle Builders guarantees a price for the project. Our field-proven construction management practices eliminate surprises, open communications, reduce stress, and keep the project within budget. Upon completion, Redcastle Builders offers an industry-leading three-year kitchen remodeling warranty.

Looking for ideas for kitchen remodels in Denver and its surrounding suburbs? Homeowners can count on the team at Redcastle Builders with our extensive portfolio of completed work which will inspire, providing insights into the possibilities of remodeling kitchens. To find out more about our kitchen remodeling services, call our team today at 303-495-6255.

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  • Update cabinet and pantry space
  • Modernize your appliances
  • Maximize workspace and layout
  • Update aesthetics like paint and tile