Using Comprehensive Project Management to Remodel Homes

Redcastle Builders combines our design-build remodeling approach with comprehensive project management methodologies and the use of top-notch subcontractors to ensure our clients’ vision we started with equals the home project they end up with down to the littlest detail. As the Venn diagram shows below, the three components combine, allowing Redcastle to offer an industry-leading 3-year warranty on all our projects.

Redcastle Builders Venn diagram

Comprehensive Project Management

Every home remodeling project has a lot of moving parts. Good project management gets the managers and crews to focus on what needs to be done to keep the bathroom, kitchen, whole home, outdoor living, or basement project on time and within budget. Redcastle Builders uses its design-build approach to define the project, identify all costs, guarantee a price, and proceed to build the project upon gaining customer approval. We use comprehensive project management to create processes that ensure time, price, and quality on every project. Scott Phillips, President and CEO of Redcastle Builders, explains his company’s use of project management technology and discusses his background in project management and his partner John Nair’s construction experience.

The Redcastle Builders Design-Build Approach

Redcastle Builders is a design-build remodeling contractor. The first step in the design-build remodeling process is to sit down with the homeowner to determine what they want. The client downloads their remodeling idea in the meeting, and we discuss budgets, design options, and payment plans. If they decide to proceed with Redcastle Builders, a pre-construction services agreement (PSA) is signed by both parties. Upon signature, Redcastle does the due diligence to identify all costs associated with the customer’s project. The PSA allows us to offer a completed project at a guaranteed price. If the customer approves the project, both parties sign a construction agreement. Click here for more information about Redcastle Builders’ remodeling process. 

The Difference Between Design-Build and Traditional Construction Approaches

The Difference Between Design-Build and Traditional Construction Approaches

A design-build project runs more smoothly because the construction and design teams share the same goals and dedication to craftsmanship. With the Design-build approach, designers and contractors work for the same company. In comparison, the construction and design companies are separate in the conventional construction project paradigm. The design-build approach avoids many issues associated with the contractors and designers working for different companies, such as not being on the same page and becoming at odds with one another. The design-build approach reduces scheduling problems, delays, budget overruns, and on-site conflicts. 

Buildertrend Project Management Web Application

Redcastle Builders uses Buildertrend, which helps us create processes that guarantee time, price, and quality on every project. Buildertrend, at its core, is a scheduling web application tailored to the construction industry. They offer a product specifically designed to meet the needs of remodeling companies like Redcastle Builders. Click here to log on to Buildertrend.

Below are the benefits we, our subcontractors and clients receive from this project management technology. 

Better Communications

A great way to improve communications between the Redcastle teams, subcontractors, and clients is to have a “single source of truth.” With Buildertrend, the project teams access daily logs to view completed work or input observations from the site. Subcontractors see their teams’ progress and know what is expected each day. Clients can view process reports as the project proceeds to completion.

Accurate Timelines and Scheduling

Buildertrend’s scheduling feature keeps track of all job tasks on a project timeline. The application makes adjustments on the fly and notifies key parties in real-time. Timelines and schedules come with multiple views, including Gantt charts and lists, which can be synchronized with Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook. All parties can make quick adjustments by linking to Redcastle’s Buildertrend account.

Better Project Planning

Buildertrend helps project managers create and assign tasks to their teams and subs and create reminders for the customer. They can develop to-dos by voice, attach documents and photos, and automatically notify all parties. 

Organized Selections

Clients can easily make construction materials and appliance selections from mobile phones, view project running project totals, and do electronic sign-offs.

Change Order Management

Even the best-planned projects will have change orders. Change orders are streamlined with the use of electronic signatures and online payments. With Buildertrend, project managers manage change orders from their office or mobile phone.

Track Warranties

Redcastle uses Buildertrend to create final punch lists as each project completes. The applications help Redcastle Builders manage its 3-year warranty by scheduling follow-up visits and tracking any claims. Clients can attach files to support a claim and send and receive automatic notifications.

The bottom line? Our design-build remodeling approach and comprehensive construction management eliminate many problems and result in a better outcome for everyone involved.

Homeowners who want to learn how Redcastle Builders can help get their projects done faster and within budget should contact us at their earliest convenience.  Please call us at 303-495-6255 or click here to complete a request service form.