Your Home is Our Business

Redcastle Builders founding partners Scott Phillips and John Nair formed a Denver-based home remodeling company whose mission is to provide honest, professional, and customer-focused residential remodeling services. We steer our customers through the design-build journey from conception, to boots on the ground, to completing their whole home, kitchen, or bathroom remodeling project. Redcastle uses field-proven construction management practices, purchases top-quality materials, and hires capable employees who take pride in their work. We offer a unique industry-leading three-year warranty that covers our customers’ investments well into the future.

How Our Remodeling Process Works

Remodeling has many moving parts, which can be confusing and stressful. Our design-build process is one of RedCastle’s top services we offer to our customers. The Oxford Dictionary states, “a process is a series of actions or steps to achieve a particular end.” Our remodeling process ensures the clients’ vision we started with equals the home they end up with down to the littlest detail. Our approach helps eliminate surprises, opens communications, reduces stress, and keeps the project within budget. Below is an overview of how the design-build process with Redcastle Builders works.

  1. Let us Talk

    lets talk about your remodeling project
    During this phase, we meet with the homeowner, get to know each other, and determine if we are a good fit. We deep dive into the customer’s remodeling vision to ensure we get it, discuss the budget, design options, and explain payment plans. We set expectations so both parties understand their roles up front. We will be unfailingly honest: telling you what will be fun — and what will not

  2. The Pre-Construction Services Agreement

    pre-construction agreement denver
    Before construction starts, Redcastle must do due diligence to identify all costs associated with the customer’s project. The Pre-Construction Services Agreement (PSA) covers design services and sometimes demolition to discover what is behind walls. The PSA allows RedCastle to offer a completed project at a guaranteed price. However, the PSA does not obligate the homeowner to enter a Construction Agreement with Redcastle. All due diligence, design work, and estimates stay in the procession of the customer.

  3. Project Development Meeting

    remodeling preconstruction meeting
    After completing the Pre-Construction Services, Redcastle meets with the homeowner and walks them through what we discovered and the project costs. We go over the scope of work, design plan, production plan, progress payments, timelines, and logistics. We introduce the project manager to the customer and thoroughly discuss any concerns about the remodeling project. We mutually agree on how best to handle communications.

  4. The Construction Agreement

    remodeling construction agreement denver
    Redcastle takes pride in our straightforward Construction Agreement. It states a guaranteed price for the project and includes the design and production plans. In the meeting with the customer, we explain every detail of our Agreement. If the customer decides to move forward, both parties sign the Construction Agreement.

  5. Project Management

    remodel construction management denver
    There are a lot of moving parts once the project commences. Redcastle handles ordering all construction materials, scheduling, oversight, and coordination. One of the main tasks of the project manager is to keep the homeowner up to date on progress and if any issues arise.

  6. In-Process Changes

    remodeling in process changes
    No matter how carefully we plan a project, the client usually wants to make some changes along the way. Change orders are part of the remodeling journey and are expected. The Construction Agreement explains how we handle in-process changes

  7. Project Completion

    remodeling project completion
    Throughout the project, Redcastle meticulously inspects all work to maintain the highest level of craftsmanship. We present a punch list to the customer before completion. In the final review meeting, we review with the homeowner any questions regarding appliances, heating and cooling systems, and other operational matters. We leave the project area spotless.

Our Unique Industry Leading Three Year Warranty

Redcastle offers a three-year warranty, which gives our remodeling customers peace of mind knowing their home investment is covered well into the future. Redcastle returns in 3 months to check in with the homeowner and address any possible issues that might have surfaced. Additionally, after 11 months, our team returns and completes a home inspection before project and product warranties expire. 

Got a remodeling idea and need a contractor? Redcastle strives to be the best of the best. We aim to provide high-quality projects and offer a unique and outstanding customer experience throughout construction. Please call us at 303-495-6255 or click here to complete a request service form.